Qualify for $4,000 Season 2 Final

You can Qualify until June 30th for our $4,000 Minimum GTD Season 2 FINAL to be played in July 2018


Congrats Len McCash winning our $5,500 Gold Ticket Event @ Yarra Valley Country Club BULLEEN (including the 2nd of 10 Super Seats to play for $10,000 in January) 90 players competed in good sportsmanship and we thank Zadik for hosting & Ryan (Regos) and helpers & venue staff & managers. {All Cash Prizes were paid in cash on the Day !} (includes $4,480 Starting Cash Prize Pool plus $20 Buyins + Rebuys or Addons Note + $10,000 Super-Seat & Poker Ring & PokerAfloat Voucher !

Poker Every MONDAY @ Yarra Valley Country Club 7:30pm Start -No 9 Templestowe Rd Bulleen $10 Opt + $1  Win bonus $100 & Gold Tix & venue prizes ! 


Wednesdays Starting May 9th 2018 $400 GTD Prize-money @ Hampton Park Tavern !!!!!   - Only $10 Buyin Every WEDNESDAY 7:30pm start with Meal Specials/Tab/Friendly Staff !

JUNE 21st 2017 (Format: Tourney Style/Merging Tables & Players) 71 Hallam Road Hampton Park Vic

Bistro opens 5:30pm (Any Main Meal = Full Card which gets you 20k bonus chips or Any Drink = 4 stamps)

Start 7:30pm

Friendly Staff / Quality Venue (DEEP STACK)

Prizes: $10 Buyin prize pool plus + Venue puts in $100 Cash + Gold Ticket + Dinner Voucher + Bottle of wine!

Invite a friend for a fun night out 

Players will start the tournament with 20k providing they have a minimum of 1 stamp. 
A re-buy of 10k is available to players who lose their initial starting stack providing they have a minimum of 2 stamps. 
Players who have still retained chips by the break period are entitled to an add-on in accordance to their stamp cards. A full stamp card is worth 20k to the player.  
Any player who does not have any stamps at the beginning of the tournament will start with 2k in chips only.
Note: When a player is absent during any final table tourney, for more than one blinds level, PN'ts rule is to then remove that player's chips and no prizes are won, nor can they qualify and nor can they get points.
PokerNights has recently introduced a new blind structure, that can be found in the table below.
New Blind Structure*
Small Blind
Big Blind
Time Limit (Minutes)
   100/200       15 min
   200/400       15 min
   300/600       15 min
     Break       15 min
   500/1k        10 min
    1k/2k         10 min
 1.5k/3k         10 min
    2k/4k         10 min
    3k/6k         10min
    5k/10k       10 min
  10k/20k       10 min
  20k/40k       10 min
  30k/60k       10 min
  50k/100k     10 min
100k/200k     10 min
150k/300k     10 min
*This blind structure is only applicable to standard PokerNights nightly events. Special Events and Finals may have an altered blind structure. Some changes may be made to the structure at different venues.
Gold Tix Event May 27 $7k* EST
Gold Tix Event May 27 $7k* EST
YVCC Gold Tix Final May 27 Final Table
YVCC Gold Tix Final May 27
YVCC Gold Tix Final May 27 (90 Players)
1. Len McCash 2nd Andrew Nirens Gold Tix
Len McCash Wins Afloat Prize & $2500 etc
Len McCash Wins $2500 + $10k S-Seat !