Prizes Bracelets not won by default
Our Next Gold Tix Event with Free Entry for all nightly winners from July 1st 2017 to Dec 31st 2017 to be held @ 2pm on a Sunday between mid February and Mid March at an available venue - Estimated $7,000 cash prize pool which includes the $20 rebuys and Addons at the 1st break. 
Note: When $1,000 or more is won, it will be paid into winning member\\\\\\\'s bank account or via cheque by 7th of the following month or before.
Note: $50 weekly Jackpot is back! Win 2 in a row @ same venue 7 days apart or @ any venues on consecutive nights, e.g. Mon & Tues or Tues & Wed etc with minimum 30 players req each night! Win up to $500 each time !  
Note: $100 bonus New member promo - Any "current member" who wins and on the same night with minimum 30 players required, invites a New member to sign up and play, wins a bonus $100 prize !
Note: "Season & Yearly overall winners and Venue Season & Venue Yearly winners are eligable to play on Venue Winners Table(s) at Finals".
Each year WIN a 1 in 10 chance to play for a share of up to $13k* in Prizes at our January 2018 Super 10 Table. Prizes can include an Aussie Millions Package or CASH!!*
  How to win this opportunity?
-          Win a 2017 Final. (See below)           
-          Become the 2017 Player of the Year* (See below)
-          Be a 2017 Yearly Venue Winner to have an exclusive chance to win one of these Super Seats. (See below)
 Finals are played twice per season (after each 3 months) for the players who have qualified. To qualify for finals, simply play a nightly event and finish in the Top 5 for games of 32 players or less or Top 8 for games with 33 players or more. Qualification Seats are cumulative and are worth 5k extra chips after the break for each qualification (Maxed at 50k per qualifier). Each season finals totals in $8k in cash and prizes.
Venue winners (any season) are decided by the leaders on points over 3 months. 
If a venue fails to give 4 weeks notice, for any reason, the leader on points will still be deemed the winner at the time of terminating regardless of how many games were played, providing at least one game was played. 
Becoming Player of the Year is awarded by calculating the total points accumulated by a player throughout the 2016 season at any venue. The player with the most points accumulated will be named the Player of the Year. PLEASE NOTE: The 2016 finals Final Table finishers will also receive points towards the Player of the Year competition.*
Like Player of the Year, Yearly Venue Winners are also determined by the total points awarded to a player over the course of 2016. However, the points are only taken into consideration if they are won in the same venue. Points from different venues are applied to those venues Leaderboards. Once all games in 2016 are completed, the Yearly Venue Winners are secured and will be given the chance to play for 1 of the 10 Super Table seats in a special Tournament. This Tournament will run at the same time as the Season 4 finals and all Yearly Venue Winners have the choice to play in the Season 4 Finals and play for a share in the $8k* Cash and Prizes (including a Super Seat), or play only against other Yearly Venue Winners for the exclusive Super Seat.*
*Terms and Conditions – The $10.6k Aussie/Millions Seat can only be awarded to the winner of the table and no other prizes will be awarded, thus all Super-Seat winners must all agree for this prize to be an option for only 1st place before the 1st Hand is dealt. 
100% of all votes must be obtained to play for this option.
All players may only obtain 1 Super Seat per year. In the event of a second seat becoming available to the player, the player next in line will receive the Super Seat. I.e If a player wins a Second Final in 2016, the SECOND place getter will be awarded the Super Seat but that player will not be awarded a bracelet (as their win was by default). If both the Winner and Runner-Up of a finals have already secured their Super Seat, the THIRD place getter will receive the Super Seat. This also applies to the Player of the Year. If the Player of the Year has won a seat previously, the Runner-Up to the Player of the Year will receive the Player of the Year Super Seat.

Note: (Commencing the 2017 season onwards if a super seat winner for that same year wins another super seat, the 2nd player etc, will be awarded a super seat but “not” awarded a bracelet nor can any super seat be transferred to another player. 
This also applies to Player of the Year Winner as well as winner of Yearly Venue winners table.
Finals points towards the Player of the Year competition will be capped at 125 players. 
For Venues to be eligible for the Yearly and Quarterly Venue competition, a minimum game requirement must be met. For the Quarterly Venue competition, the venue must be played a minimum of 6 games must be played. For the Yearly Venue competition, the venue must be played a minimum of 20 games. A "Venue" in this competition is defined by both place and day of play.
Yearly Venue Winners may not transfer their chance to win the exclusive Super Seat. Players MUST be the Yearly Venue Winner to play in the exclusive Tournament and can not have any other player play in their Seat with the exception of Extreme circumstances which will be assessed by PokerNights Management.
PLEASE NOTE: Finals Leaderboards are NOT counted for Yearly Venue Winners. PokerNights reserves the right to up to 20% of any winnings a player may have in any PokerNights sponsored Tournament.
PokerNights management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or cancel any promotion at any time without notice.
PokerNights management reserves the right not to issue any prizes if it feels that any form of abuse or unfaithful actions have been conducted by the winning player.