Prizes Page 2018 

How to win one of 10 x Super-Seats:

Win a Share of $10,000 in Cash Prizes (Won in Early 2019) on our Super10 FINAL TABLE !

-Win a Quarter Final (Win 4 Super-Seats)

-Win a *Gold Tix Event: Total 3 x Events (Win 3 Super-Seats) Note: Only *Qualifies being nightly winners can win a Super-Seat

-Win Player Of The Year (Win 1 Super-Seat)

-Win the Yearly Venue Winners Table (Win 1 Super-Seat)

-Exciting News ♠️♦️♠️♦️ 

The next Qualified Gold Tix Event Winner will also win a $10,000 Super10 Seat + $2,000 GTD + Poker Ring and will return in early 2019 to play for $10,000 Cash on our Super 10 Final-Table ! Note: You Must Win Any Night from July 1st to Dec 22nd 2018 to Qualify !

  • Also, a Special $20 Buyin* Event in April 2019 for members only with the Winner also securing the last of 10 Super10 Seats for 2018 Year !
  • (Full details posted here soon) 

Note: If a player has already won a Seat, the runner up will win that Super-Seat. 

*Note: Due to security reasons any Prizes valued at $1,000 or more are paid within 7 days of the date the Prize was won.


$500* & $1,000* Challenges

$500* Challenge won with 3 wins starting each week on Mondays at Yarra Valley Country Club then Tues at Healesville Rsl then Wed at Wantirna Club during the same week (No minimum player numbers required)


 Win $1,000 with 3 wins starting each week on Mondays At Yarra Valley Country Club then Thurs at Veneto Club then Sat at Veneto Club during the same week (*Conditions: Minimum 30 players required with each nightly win)


Note: PokerAfloat cruise 🚢 voucher also won with the $500 and the $1,000 challenges!! 

Current Members who invite a new member to sign up and play with I.D shown receive 10k bonus chips !



$200* Jackpot won for 2 wins in a row with minimum 30 players required for each of the 2 wins by Winning 2 games in a row @ same venue on same 2 nights 7 days apart or at different venues on consecutive nights (Mon & Tues or Tues & Wed etc) 

As of January 1st 2018 Jackpot is reset at $20 at start of each Quarter season each time and increases $20 each week until won and is capped at $200 and if not won Resets at $20 at start of the following Quarter Season and increases $20 each week until won (*excludes Finals or Gold Tix events or special events).

Jackpot can also be won between 2 consecutive Quarter seasons only within the same year and only $20 is won.😊

Jackpot resets at $20 after each Quarter Season if not won. 


- "New member bonus $100 prize" for winning & inviting a new member  to sign up & play with minimum 30 players!

Invite a New member & you could win the $100 bonus prize!


Christmas Holiday Dates: All Venues Last game 2017/ First game 2018

Hampton Park Tavern: Last game 2017 night is Wed Dec 20th  - Poker restarts Wed Jan 3rd 2018.

$500 GTD Only $10 Buyin)

 - Yarra Valley Country Club:

Last game Mon Dec 18th / Restart Mon Jan 8th

Grandview Hotel:

Last game Tues Dec 19th / Restart Tues Jan 16th 

- Healsville RSL:

Last game Tues Dec 19th / Restart Jan 9th

- Wantirna Club:

Last games Mon Dec 18th and Wed Dec 20th / Restart Mon Jan 8th and Wed Jan 10th 

- Veneto Club: 

Last games Sat Dec  16th and Thurs Dec 21st / Restart Thurs Jan 11th and Sat Jan 13th 

- Bentleigh Club: 

Last game  Wed Dec 20th / Restart Wed Jan 10th