WED BENTLEIGH Club $1 Win $100

33 Yawla St

Bentleigh Club (Wednesdays..Play Starts 7:30pm)

$1 Entry Per/Player

Win $100 plus the $20 Gold Tix 

Note: Any player who purchases any main meal @ Bentleigh Club will receive 10k extra poker chips after the first break at 8:30pm each Wednesday.

Note: New member promo - Any current member who wins and on the same night with minimum 30 players invites a

New member to sign up and play doubles their $100 venue prize to $200*

$20 weekly Jackpot is back! Win up to $200 each time ! - Win 2 in a row @ same venue on same

2 nights or @ different venues on consecutive nights (Mon & Tues or Tues & Wed etc) with 30 players req each night!

33 Yawla Street


PH: (03) 9576-5413

Registration/Stamps: 6:00pm. Play Starts: 7:30pm.

-Free to play to win a $100

-Top 5 qualify for the Quarterly Finals.